IoT Making care solutions more affordable

The Internet of Things has caused excitement in many business sectors by releasing the power of the internet to provide connectivity solutions for numerous applications, the care industry is one sector that is desperately searching for solutions for everyday care scenarios.

Medpage Limited have recently launched a radio paging IoT station that allows our range of radio paging products to provide alerts to live-in carers and carers away from home. Bed or chair occupancy sensors, call pendants, door alarm sensors, smoke alarms, water leak detectors and some of our medical product range can all communicate through the IoT station.

As an example of how this technology can help people live more independently, a person with mobility issues may use a call pendant to signal for help from their partner (carer) via a radio pager when they are at home. If the carer should leave the home to go shopping or on another errand the IoT station would relay the help call through the internet directly to their Smartphone providing an off-site alert. This dual functionally is virtually unique to this product and is available from the Medpage website.