I have recently received several reports that an organisation is providing misleading fictitious information concerning our range of bed occupancy detection systems attempting to win new customers. For over 20 years Medpage T/A Easylink UK have manufactured and supplied a range of sensor pads that are designed to detect the presence of a person in their bed from UNDER THE MATTRESS. According to this company, this is not the case as they are saying that our product is not sensitive enough to detect a person’s weight from under the mattress and will only work if the user lays directly on top of the sensor pad. Their offering will and it is the only one available that does so?

Medpage Limited are accredited to the highest standard of quality control, ISO 13485:2003/7, which we have maintained since 2004. Unlike most of our industry competitors, our quality procedures, including operational manuals are documented and annually audited by BSI to ensure conformity and compliance. Making false claims relating to product use or performance is a non-conformity. Making false claims concerning a product’s intended use could result in injury to the service user, affect care efficiency and could result in the loss of this accreditation, would we?

With over 30 years in the care business, this is the first time I have witnessed such nauseating behaviour by a company clearly not providing adequate training to their staff, or just set on making a fast buck from other people’s misfortune.

Mike Dines

Managing Director