Long Range Wireless Care Call Solutions for Falls and Wander Detection

Medpage fall from chair alarm
A chair rise alarm could have prevented this

With falls in hospitals and care homes high in media focus, now would be a good time to consider viable solutions to reduce your exposure to cost and improve patient care and achieve CQC compliance. Each year, a typical nursing home with 100 beds reports 100 to 200 falls. Many falls go unreported. Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK is one of the leading suppliers in the UK of patient fall prevention products with over 30 years of trading experience in the care sector. Our range of bed and chair rise alarms offer competitive pricing without compromise on quality.

A high percentage of falls can be reduced by environmental risk assessment. Inappropriate footwear, thick floor rugs and other trip hazards are attributable to preventable falls. Assistive technology is available to detect a person rising from their bed or chair and to detect a person leaving a room or wandering away from safety. At Medpage, we manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of wireless alarms, designed to substantially improve patient/resident safety. Continue reading “Long Range Wireless Care Call Solutions for Falls and Wander Detection”

A perfect example of how Assistive Technology can aid Independent Living

MemRabel 2 by Medpage
MemRabel will help you remember

Almost 5 five ago I asked my Son (Technical Director) to design a product that would help my ageing parents (his Grandparents) remember daily tasks, such as taking medications, when their favourite TV programs were on the TV and the various weekly appointments they had.

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I have recently received several reports that an organisation is providing misleading fictitious information concerning our range of bed occupancy detection systems attempting to win new customers. For over 20 years Medpage T/A Easylink UK have manufactured and supplied a range of sensor pads that are designed to detect the presence of a person in their bed from UNDER THE MATTRESS. According to this company, this is not the case as they are saying that our product is not sensitive enough to detect a person’s weight from under the mattress and will only work if the user lays directly on top of the sensor pad. Their offering will and it is the only one available that does so? Continue reading “IS SPREADING MALICIOUS RUMOURS THE WAY TO SECURE NEW BUSINESS?”


Medpage Limited recently introduced a new concept in #elderly #homecare radio paging alarms that can also send alerts over the internet direct to a Smartphone. For home based carers the system provides pager alerts to pendant help call buttons, doors opening, bed and chair occupancy pressure mat alarms and general security alerts. When a carer is away from home the Smart #IoT station relays the alerts via a #Smartphone APP to your phone anywhere, with the time and date of the alert. Personalised messages are easily programmed making the system suitable for multiple care sensors or rooms/homes.

Our range of Wi-Fi only sensors provide similar options for off-site Smartphone alerts, they do not however, connect with a radio pager or in-home alarm receivers. The IoT Station satisfies both carer alert requirements and provides a flexible and expandable alarm solution.

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Alzheimer’s Show Olympia London 2017

MemRabel daily reminder calendar clock

Who would of thought that only 5 weeks after a hip replacement operation I would be able to make an appearance on my company’s exhibition stand at a trade show. Well I did. Everyone thought I was insane even to consider the idea. My surgeons assured me that I would be OK. It paid dividends and I was so pleased I made it because we met some wonderful people and I had a something in common with quite a few of the elderly patrons attending the show. I was one of the bionic crew. Anything is possible if you really want it.

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Dravet syndrome is a rare and severely disabling type of epilepsy


Dravet syndrome is a rare and severely disabling type of epilepsy presenting in infancy, sometimes called a catastrophic epilepsy. It was first described in 1978 by Charlotte Dravet, a paediatric epilepsy specialist working in Marseille. Other names that have been used for the condition include Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy and Severe Polymorphous Epilepsy of Infancy.

A ‘syndrome’ is a group of signs and symptoms that, when considered together, suggest a particular medical condition. An epilepsy syndrome is diagnosed from the combination of age of onset of seizures, the different types of seizures, how they change over time, findings on EEG tests and other features such as behaviour and learning. As such, epilepsy is just one part of Dravet syndrome; there are various other health conditions and symptoms, which are often found in children with the condition.

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Definitely, having aging parents is a worry, especially when they live alone and may be some distance from where you live. Making regular phone calls and visits whenever possible will help to reduce their feeling of loneliness and isolation but it does not stop you worrying if they are OK. Continue reading “CARING FOR YOUR ELDERLY OR AILING FAMILY WITH ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY”