Training and assistive technology awareness for occupational therapists

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK regularly attend training events organised to raise awareness of Assisitve Technologies to practising Occupational Therapists. Our range of Stand-Alone Telecare products provide workable solutions to many care aid requirement scenarios and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have encountered most of them. If you would like to know more about our product training or awareness sessions, or you have an event organised and would like representation from Easylink, please contact us.

Exeter Devon

Dear Grant

We are so grateful to you for giving your time today to come to Devon for our Advanced Equipment Training ‘Technology for Independence and Safety’ session.

We are finding these sessions are a really useful format for the experienced staff who are working in the community and the feedback from them is 100% positive. The therapy and nursing staff appreciate getting ‘hands on’ with the equipment and having the opportunity to meet you, talk to you about your products and make contact with you for future assessments or staff training.

We hope that you found the morning worthwhile and that we see you again in Devon soon.

Many thanks,

Celia Avati on behalf of The OT Team at the ILC

Specialist Occupational Therapists

Independent Living Centre


Just a note to say thank you very much for the session today. We had colleagues there from Learning disabilities, community therapy services, hospital teams and county councils. The content was really well pitched, well presented and interesting. I think people would be very interested in an epilepsy specific session.

Thank you again it was much appreciated.

Thanks, Victoria.

Victoria Malcher (née Tait)

Practice Supervisor Assistive Technology.

Assistive Technology – Don’t be afraid of it – LEARN ABOUT IT

Assistive technology is available for people with dementia or other conditions that affect memory. Installing specialist equipment and facilities can go a long way towards helping someone with dementia to continue living at home safely.

AssistiveTechnology can give peace of mind to the person with dementia and their relatives, by confirming that they are safe at home. For example, Assistive Technology can help reassure you  from a distance – that the person you care for has got out of bed (through a bed pressure sensor) but hasn’t left the house (front door sensor).

Assistive Technology is not as expensive as you may think. For less than £120.00 you can buy a bed pressure sensor and a front door sensor that connect through home broadband and send alarms and warnings directly to your Smartphone – anywhere in the world. See Wi-Fi Care Sensors

iHelp the ultimate safety companion for the elderly and vulnerable

iHelp is a revolutionary new product that provides confidence for the user and peace of mind for family members and carers. iHelp is a personal tracker gives precise location details of the device, when requested, by family members or carers. iHelp also includes a fall sensor that can be turned on/off remotely via the free config APP. A location text with hyperlink to Google maps is sent to authorised users to enable quick location of the device.

iHelp can make and receive telephone calls at the press of a single button making it real easy for a confused person to use a mobile telephone. iHelp also features a talking medication reminder, which is set remotely by a carers mobile phone or via the free Android or iOS APP. If the user fails to acknowledge the reminder, carers are sent a warning text message by iHelp.

iHelp is free from telephone contracts and or subscription services making it an economical care investment, with the only ongoing costs being alarm texts sent by iHelp to carer mobiles, or the occasional phone call made from iHelp. iHelp even talks to the user when it is time to recharge the battery, or an alarm is activated, or the fall sensor is activated. iHelp also makes emergency help requests really easy with a large one-touch SOS button which, when activated sends warning texts with mapping location to carer mobiles backed up with a phone call. To view more details of this truly remarkable product visit or telephone 01536 264 869 to request a brochure.