A perfect example of how Assistive Technology can aid Independent Living

MemRabel 2 by Medpage
MemRabel will help you remember

Almost 5 five ago I asked my Son (Technical Director) to design a product that would help my ageing parents (his Grandparents) remember daily tasks, such as taking medications, when their favourite TV programs were on the TV and the various weekly appointments they had.

He did a splendid job and came up with the MemRabel 2. MemRabel 2 soon proved its worth and more so now that Dad is in a care home.

The MemRabel can be used in a number of ways to create personalised reminders. There are, for example, over 100 pre-installed media files with typical daily reminder videos, pictures and voice memos. Even better, you can create your own videos, graphics and voice reminders and use them for timed reminder playback using MemRabel’s powerful media player.

Here is an example how MemRabel 2 has helped to organise a young Autistic man’s day.

 Planning John’s Day Using MemRabel 2 Daily Calendar Reminder

John gets up at 8.00am.

8.15am – “It’s time to have a wash”

9.00am – “Good morning, it’s time to make breakfast”

9.30am – “It’s time to take your morning tablets”

John is going shopping today at 10.30am.

10am – “It’s time to get ready, you’re going shopping today”

John returns home from shopping at lunchtime, and likes to prepare his own lunch.

12.30pm – “Time to make lunch”

1.30pm – “It’s time to take your afternoon tablets”

John likes to telephone his sister in the afternoon.

3.30pm – “It’s time to phone your sister”

John has exercises he has been advised to do by the physiotherapist

5pm – “It’s time to do your exercises”

John enjoys preparing his own evening meal

6.30pm – “Good evening, it’s time to make dinner”

7.30pm – “It’s time to take your evening tablets”

8.00pm – “It’s time for your favourite TV programme”

9.30pm – “It’s time to go to bed, make sure the doors are locked”

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