Medpage Limited launch completely wire free bed and chair occupancy sensors

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK are considered a leading supplier of bed falls management products in the UK, with over 30 Years of experience in the industry. Our cord-free bed and chair occupancy alarms, designed and manufactured by Rondish Healthcare, introduce technological advantages over cabled bed sensors. The bed and chair sensor pads are manufactured in high quality plastics that contain a dedicated alarm transmitter, used to signal a radio pager or other wire-free alarm options when a person rises from their bed or chair.


No visible wires when placed under bed mattress or chair cushion

Less likely to suffer damage caused by tampering or vandalism

Increased user group through inconspicuous design, elderly, learning disabilities, Autism, dementia.

Less likely to suffer damage caused by pulling cables to remove sensor pads from bed or chair

Suitable for single user or multiple falls prevention programs


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