Alzheimer’s Show Olympia London 2017

Who would of thought that only 5 weeks after a hip replacement operation I would be able to make an appearance on my company’s exhibition stand at a trade show. Well I did. Everyone thought I was insane even to consider the idea. My surgeons assured me that I would be OK. It paid dividends and I was so pleased I made it because we met some wonderful people and I had a something in common with quite a few of the elderly patrons attending the show. I was one of the bionic crew. Anything is possible if you really want it.

Now, only two weeks later, we are Booked in to exhibit at the Alzheimer’s Show Manchester at Event City and with the help of a nifty gadget I bought, I should be able to put my own socks on. Helping people cope living with dementia is very rewarding and from personal experience I know how it complicates life, for everyone concerned. Every little help’s and I believe the little our company does, really does help.

Alzheimer's Show Olympia 2017
Alzheimer’s conference with Angela Rippon